Sunday, March 22

World Water Day

At the risk of sounding like a broken recording....

No matter where we live, we are affected by climate change. We who live in water rich areas are part of the problem via the international 'virtual' trade in water. Please be mindful in your choices.


boneman said...

when I first saw this here, I took it to buzzfeed, they fed it to the masses.
Not sure if it helped, dear. Don't know if others did heed the important message or went on like asses.
Probably the later, and that's really sad
Even people I tell in person make me pist on mad!
Just like "global warming" fear, and non-existant forests that were never treed, and nukes are OK (?) because everything good passes.

(and, as you are a lady, I won't continue here.
Else I would use such language to burn the very ear
of the jerk who blindly turns
their brains off as the planet burns!
And I wouldn't want to get any of that on you, dear.)

Ur-spo said...

when I lived in the Great Lake state, we never thought of water as Lake Huron was next door.

We think about water all the time here in Arizona. However there is far more sense of waste - especially doing the lawns, palm trees and golf courses.