Saturday, May 22

a couple of images from Poland

I've returned from Poland. People really thought I had a bad attitude about the foul weather...until it hit the BBC news today about the flooding throughout the country brought on by last weeks torrential rains. Well, despite the rain, I managed to get my camera out a couple of times for a few sneaky shots.

Sadly, I've had my last photography class :(

There are two more to come but I won't be able to participate on those days -- double :(

I think I need to enroll in another class soon - I loved it and its been the highlight of my week in this stressful time :)

Thankfully my camera allows me to express the feelings I'm not at liberty to express but which burden my heart with the stresses of my life these past few years.

I told a friend on facebook that I've left my job and she wrote back and asked if I was pursuing photography full time now as a profession :-O

I have no idea whats next but photography, like drawing, is for me, a meditative practice and thats not a bad thing at this point in my life.

It makes me happy when I can create something beautiful.

So here are a few more images from Poland. On the return from Auschwitz, I had the ironic fortune to come across the 3rd gay pride march in Poland. There were a lot of neo-nazis there protesting and because there have been violent riots in the main square in the past, you'll note that there are 4 police for every marcher.

I cheered on the parade and got harassed by neo nazis for it.

I was shaking - I couldn't believe I was in the EU. So many people have already forgotten recent history - Stonewall and Proposition 6 but it is amazing to me that this kind of intolerance could still exist in a country where the monument to rememberance (Auschwitz) that exterminated gays along with jews attracts millions of visitors a year.

I think we are in danger when we consider the hatred that led to the crimes of Auschwitz to be a thing of the past. That is when I decided to play photojournalist and got right into the middle of the parade.

I was playing with aperture, shutter speed, iso and white balance. I am saddened to find that I do better on automatic but I guess it will take time to figure out how to achieve the results I want with the manual settings :)

hope you like them...still nothing 'pink' for bone man...but lots of pink triangles..

From my Nikon with various settings:

From my Canon pocket camera, using cloudy white balance, vibrant colour saturation, ISO 400.


The Lone Beader® said...

Great photos, Pink. Wish I had known you were going to Auschwitz! I want to go there, too!

Ur-spo said...

I hear tell Poland is quite a nasty country, as it is more or less ruled by the RC church viz. if you are not part of it, bad luck to you.

If photography is calling you, I suggest you follow your intuition before all the BS of the mind kicks in to tell you how bad this would be.

Claire said...

Great pictures!


boneman said...

guy dropped out of his third floor apartment and landed on the sidewalk.
I ran up and asked him what happened.
He said, "I don't know. I just got here, myself,"

OK, not really.
BUT, here's a place to go to...
this is one of my friends from Mixed Media Workshop..a ning group of artists...
It's a great place to get started, and I gave you her address because I'm being too slow to get my own work done fast enough.
Bev's works are paintings and camera and sometimes both.
Thing is, you'll notice they talk about getting money to you for sales
there's all kinds of ways to do it. They can make groups of pictures into calendars, notebooks, t-shirts...
I'de say go and look around. Note the special price (free) and probably join, eh?
and then, my page over at the ning place
another free (so far) site for artists. Quite a few photographers, too. So you could ask questions, find out important stuff...I dunno.
Just a thought.

boneman said...

too much?

Pink said...

:) Thanks all

I'd love to be part of an artist space, cyber or otherwise.

I have trouble considering myself an artist. I have trouble defining myself at all right now.

Lots of thoughts going through this head. Had a birthday this week and am glad that is over.

Maybe these thoughts will crystalise into a new post soon.

Thanks for the feedback on the photos. I like playing and want to learn more techniques :)


M said...

that candle. Exquisite!