Monday, February 2

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 166)

Well being caught up didn't last.  I came home last night after feeling generally like a wet floor mop all day and took cold tablets and slept.

But...that doesn't mean I'm not grateful!  I had a great Saturday and a super Sunday catching up with friends and posting photos I took in about 45 minutes on Friday.  I took a lot of photos in a short period.  I tend to do that if there is a variety of eye candy - anyone could. goes for Day 166

1. I am grateful for my friendship with Natasha.  I always say that I only have foreign friends in London - and then when I really think about it - that's a total lie.  My closest friends in London are British.  Natasha, Cheese, the Guv, the Heath sisters...etc.  It has taken a LOOONG time to get to the point where I had local friends...but I do now.  I've found my roots in London.  Of course, Natasha had amazing news of her upcoming adventure and I'm really excited for her!  Watch this space.  I am also grateful because she reflected back to me a vision for my life that I too dream about.  If she can see it, then it is not delusion on my part :)

2. I am grateful for the yummy Dim Sum and cake that Natasha bought us for lunch/dinner.  She says I paid last time...I don't recall that...but even if I did, I'm very grateful for the treat! MMMMM!

3.  I am grateful for all my friends.  The thing about friends (good friends) is that they can see you with a clarity we cannot see for ourselves.  Good friends see your potential and brilliance and also where you tend to fall down and so they are great encouragers with a sprinkling of caution for the potholes in the road which we keep finding and diving into, head first.  Natasha once said to me that I never get going fully until Chinese New Year.  I think she's right.  My illness means that jet lag is 10 times worse and sends me backwards into a setback.  I knew this when I went to Canada and it was the reason I didn't want to go home for Christmas.  Usually I go back for a week or less and my body doesn't adjust so the jetlag is difficult but not debilitating for weeks.  At Christmas I stay long enough to get onto local time and then BLAM! January is gone.  At least I knew what to expect and now I realise that my year really will kick off by Chinese New Year.  Yay!

Joy - it was a joy to see Natasha - she looks absolutely beautiful with her new short do.  Everything is coming up roses for her and there is nothing more delightful for the heart than to see a friend really happy!

Oneness - I got an intuition about someone today and I felt very strongly about this.  I don't know if my intuition is correct, but I got a sense that someone is unwell.  I could feel it and I don't usually get hit by something like this, especially for someone I don't really know.  I can tune in when I do a healing and I get a body sense of their illness (clairsentience) but not usually do I get hit with it when I'm not looking.  That was a sense of oneness, for me.

Service - Because of the above, I went to sleep giving myself Reiki for my cold coming on...and I sent distant healing to the person and their adult child (whose worry I also felt).  I had vivid dreams about the adult child - I was navigating their airplane and then driving them somewhere.  I have no idea what that means except that perhaps I feel I am more in the driver's seat of worry (what they represent) in my life than I knew.  Or, perhaps they were just grateful for the healing and giving over to it, in my sleep.  Either way....sometimes I wish people would just send an email...the intent might be clearer that way ;)

A couple of photos from my 45 minutes out on Friday:

Way cool texture on this piece by My Dog Sighs:

A photo posted by Tania Campbell (@pinkstarpix) on

Brilliant Colours on another fine piece by Pez:

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A stunner of an art piece by C215 which I have loved since I first saw it 4 months ago:

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