Monday, February 2

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 167 - Groundhogs Day!)

1. I am grateful that I had the chance to catch up with my pal LK last night for dinner. I haven't seen her properly in 3/4 of a year and it was good to catch up. She is an avid fan of street art and a beginning collector. We had a great time with inexpensive lobster and chat. I hope to see her again, soon...she is always cheerful and fun.

2. I am grateful for all the street artists who replied to my posts on Instagram with the names of the artists I had captured in photographs. I don't like to post a piece of art without crediting the artists...I wouldn't like anyone to use my photos or words without doing the same.

3. I am grateful that I decided to rest a little bit in the afternoon because my energy really is diminished with this cold. That meant that I had the energy to go out at night.

Joy - it was a joy to smash up the lobster. I grew up with a lot of lobster in Florida but I don't get much of it here in the UK. It was fun :) Yes, I was a vegetarian for 7 years...I have lapsed.

Oneness - Hmmm...I don't know if I felt oneness with the photographer but looking at Julian Lennon's sunsets from Spain, I felt a oneness with the landscape. There was a lighthouse in his photos and I love lighthouses. I had a romantic vision of the life of lighthouse keepers and I interviewed several keepers for a radio feature when Canada was moving to automation. Their way of life is gone and I am wistful for that. I loved his photos. If you haven't, you should check him out on Instagram @julespicturepalace or on his website I joined Instagram to follow his photos (I liked his landscapes and clouds) and it has been a great joy to go out and photograph to have something to post. Yes, sometimes I post things in response to his photos and sometimes I have him or now some of my other followers in mind when I snap something. When I'm out on my own, its a nice sense of Oneness with other photographers out there who might chuckle or take a little delight in something I've snapped...or see a bit of homage to them in my snapshot.

Service - LK had twisted her ankle, so I insisted on taking her to her train and then retracing my steps to go home. I like that girls always say to one another 'text when you get home safely' - its what the Heath sisters call the Golden Rule and one that many men just don't understand. Its nice to know someone is waiting for you to say you're safe. I took the bus home last night because it was the easiest from her train and thanked the driver as I disembarked. I like that Canadians do this...and so I always endeavour to remember to do it.

A couple more photos from that Friday session...I told you I took a lot in 45 minutes:


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A new one from c0rpse on Quaker Street

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Just a fun punch buggy (to match your handbag and/or shoes)

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