Saturday, March 21

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 213)

quick one...its late

1. I am grateful that I don't speak Flemish tonight. The whole family came back after the viewing. it was unexpected and I know that P- was with his Mum and sister all day making last minute arrangements.  I knew Mum and sister hadn't eaten although I shoved food into P-'s gob when he came through for 20 minutes. So, here was the Canadian-Brit serving Flemish open faced sandwiches to the family. Well, luckily it passed. And, since they were planning the music and the speeches, all in Dutch, it meant I didn't have to participate in the conversations or even spend any time or energy processing the language stimulus. It meant I could focus my energy on making sure Mum, sister and P- (and uncles) were all fed and watered. V- (P-'s Dad) would want them to be cared for.

2. I am grateful for the supermarket on P-'s street and for the Belgian chocolate that you can buy even in the supermarket.

3. I am grateful for the man in the supermarket who helped me to identify the milk that was half fat - especially since I was about to buy buttermilk. That would not have been nice in my tea.

Joy - I expected to see P- at lunch time, but the arrangements were delayed and he arrived back at the flat (where I was trying to pack his kitchen) at 5:40 pm. It was a joy to finally eat (I waited till he arrived to give him a quick plate of a casserole I had made while he gathered his valueless but sentimental mementos to put in the casket.  I managed to get half of his portion in his gob and some in my own too. It was a joy to eat, finally, today.

Oneness - P-'s uncle is an esoteric healer.  I had never met him in all the time Paul and I were together. We had a nice chat tonight.  He later read out his speech for the funeral tomorrow in Dutch. I had no idea what he was saying, but it made me cry.  Later he translated it for me.  He described a similar experience to my own, when my mother died.  Funny, the language of the soul knows no barrier...I felt his pain because it had been my own...and I did so without understanding a word of what he had said.

Service - this whole day has been an act of service.

No photos today...look out the window and why not call someone you love and tell them so?



Ur-spo said...

The first one was a bit jarring and it made me smile.

Pink said...

Ha. We can be grateful for all things ;) xx