Tuesday, March 24

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 216)

I am a few hours late. We both fell asleep on the sofa at 9 pm by accident and so I didn't get this posted before bed.  We were exhausted.

1. I am grateful for Pierre Marcolini.  He is the finest of all the fine Belgian chocolatiers. I met him with P- in the Antwerp store when it opened.  Njammie!! (Yummy in Flemish) we bought a few chocolates there yesterday.

2. I am grateful that P-and I had a chance to get out into the city for a bit. I know he needs to get back to work but getting back into being social is also important, under safe circumstances. He was up and down in his mood but I think all in all, he is doing as well as expected.

3. I am grateful that there is cooked food in P-'s freezer for the next few days and he will have enough to also feed his mom and sister as they will be spending lots of time together in the next few days and weeks.

Joy - it was a joy to be able to take the family out for dinner and to have a yummy Belgian waffle. (Foreigner!)

Oneness - I worked at being in tune with P-.  We are not always in tune but yesterday was ok for awhile.  I also found that growing up with a grandmother who did not speak any language in common with me helps me to understand foreign languages even without the word for word meaning.  Because I speak English, Some French and a bit of German and I learned a very basic few words in Dutch, I am able to get the jist of much of the discussion.  It is nice, that.

Service - my day was again all about service to the family.

Photos tomorrow, perhaps!!


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