Tuesday, March 24

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 217)

Sorry...forgot to hit publish before I fell asleep....

1. Grateful we had time to get some stew made in the slow cooker before I left Belgium. That means there are some 8 meals for P- and his mom/sister in his freezer with the chicken made the previous night. People in mourning don't tend to cook.

2. Grateful my flight was on time and I arrived home before midnight.

3. Grateful to be able to have a catnap on the plane.

Joy - it was a joy to make a steak dinner for P- and his family at lunch, before I left. P- loves steak and his mom and sister can do with someone cooking for them.

Oneness -  I felt a sense of Oneness with P- when we talked about the conversations we would not have with our parent again. We are often one in moments of joy with those with whom we share the moment. Sometimes sorrow brings us together, too.

Service - the whole day in Belgium was a service.

It was a long day and I'm off to sleep. Xx

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