Thursday, April 2

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 225)

Today is one of those days where I really don't want to write this.  But here goes.

1. I am grateful that I got to photograph the Louis Masai murals I was searching to find yesterday.  I was hoping it would lift someone's spirits who I sensed was going through a difficult time.  I was too late and nothing will lift those spirits but prayer for some time to come.  Perhaps in the future, it will be something to which we can return.  But the one thing for which I am grateful in this is that spending the day searching for the murals and snapping them and then posting them...and spending the previous day researching them on the internet meant that he was front and centre on my mind and my energy was directed towards him in an uplifting way, when he was probably in agony.  I am grateful that my energy was there for him. An instagrammer @Speckles76 had offered to show me the locations but I decided against it because...well...I don't know him and safety, first.  I am glad I declined. I got to spend the day focussed on service.

2. I am grateful that Ca- and I had a chance to connect for coffee this morning.  We will do the same tomorrow although much of what I had planned to do got thrown out the window with plans to perhaps spend some more time with Sir P- in life affirming activity.  Spring will always be a difficult time for so many for whom I care because they lost a parent in spring.  For me, my mother was dying in spring.  It is a bittersweet time but an important one where new blossoms are a reminder of the circle of life and of hope.

3. I am grateful that lately I have decided not to give a darn about how I sound and to send out messages of love and support to the person in item 1.  Because nothing had been disclosed, it was awkward and I had to be a bit covert but the intent was simply to be sending love and support.  I hope that the message got through and that he was somehow even a little bit comforted by it.  I don't always trust my intuition and I often hold back because - well - intuitive people and creative people and (dare I say) spiritual people can look stark raving mad.  I have now made a rule for myself that when the cost of not speaking up is greater for the person on the receiving end than the risk of creating a schism because I seem in left field, I will risk it.  I think its time I take more risks and chance looking stupid because not everyone can reach out explicitly.

Joy - It was a joy to have lunch with the Cheese again today.  Wednesday has become our standing order.

Oneness - well...I felt a sense of oneness with the person in 1. above today, as I have strongly felt for the last few days and now that there has been some disclosure of the situation today, I am more able to direct my service in the right direction.

Service - today I stopped everything and prayed and held a healing session in my kitchen when I got the strong 'call' to do so.  It was the right thing to do at the right time.  When I sign off tonight, I will connect again.

A photo from yesterday - a bit of street art from Stik.  I liked the modification done by someone who is an amateur.  One Love and the Heart really appealed to me with so many of my friends in so much pain right now.

Much love. One love.


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