Saturday, May 2

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 255)

1. I am grateful that my doctor appointment in Richmond was for noon, not 11 am because I did not sleep well and was glad I could lie in until 830.

2. I am grateful that it was another sunny day. I haven't slept well in 5 nights so the sunshine helps.

3. I am grateful that a stranger spoke to me at Stabucks today. It turns out that he coaches entrepreneurs and he had all kinds of ideas about what I could do to monetize my services. We talked for hours.

Joy - it was a joy to make it to the opening of Louis Masai's solo show "Batteries Not included" at Lollipop gallery. It was great to meet him. I very much admire his public art that has been raising awareness about the plight of the bees and the dangers this poses for mankind. His art is beautiful as is the soul of the artist.

Oneness - when Louis got emotional talking about species extinction to his guests, I also got emotional. I feel very much a kindred spirit in this man and his team. I wish him only the best.

Service - I have plenty of photos of Louis' bees but I wanted to support his art and so I bought one of his bee paintings. It was also a great joy and I can't wait to take it home after the show.

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