Tuesday, June 23

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service - (Day 306)

Still catching up on typing up the posts from my time away....hopefully we'll be up to date soon!

Today was my last day in Nice and I was sorry to be leaving.  I wish I'd had a few more days but obligations in London were calling. 

I didn't get to see all that I wanted to see and I would have liked to just while away an afternoon at the café writing and another afternoon on the beach just chilling.  But, I came to see the Matisse windows and I accomplished that.  Everything else was gravy. 

So today was the day that I set aside to see Nice.  I hadn't really done any research on the Cote D'Azur to know what I wanted to see other than having seen a few cool photos on Julian Lennon's Instagram feed and wanting to see one or two of those places.

But, when I arrived, I learned that Yves Klein - one of my favourite crazy modern artists had been born in Nice and lived in the area and that there was a fair collection of his work at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.  There was also the old town, the port, a couple of places to eat and drink, the old castle overlook and a few other things I wanted to see.  And I wanted to return to the big draw of Nice for me - where the children play in the water feature.

I did a lot in one day.  I even got to swim once again before leaving.  I love the colour of the sea in Nice but I prefer the sand beaches of Antibes.  Perhaps if I had some surf shoes next time, I wouldn't mind so much.

Anyway...it was a wonderful trip and I only wish it had been a few days later (and that I'd skipped Monaco except for the cathedral for my Mum)

So with that in mind....here goes:

1. I am grateful I had the chance to be in the presence of so many pieces of art by Yves Klein today.  I am fascinated with his story and with International Klein Blue.  He went into a kind of spiritual madness with that blue. 

2. I am grateful that I got a beautiful photo of Nice beach from the castle.  I didn't realise I would have such a nice view from up there...what a treat!

3. I am grateful that I went back to the water park and took a photo in homage to Julian Lennon whose photos made me want to visit the place.  A sweet girl with the curliest blonde locks and pink swimsuit came into my frame and I snapped her before those gorgeous curls got wet.  Thank you God, for that fleeting moment!

Joy - It was a joy to listen to the children's giggles at the water park.  Their squeals and giggles could cure any emotional or spiritual ailment one has.  We really need to focus on joy more in this world.  It is such a powerful cure.

Oneness - I thought of Julian Lennon when I was photographing things around town.  I happened upon a few places that he had photographed around the Quay des Americains.  They weren't things which appealed to me and my eye but it was again a little strange.  I felt a little bit like his energy owned those places and that was okay with me...I didn't want to stay in those spots.  I am glad that I managed to make something of my own out of that water park.  It is a place of joy.  I hoped he wouldn't feel intruded upon that I photographed that same place that he had shot.  I made it an homage to him, just in case and it was not my intention to be intrusive, but - sigh - one cannot account for other people's responses and I am exhausted from walking on eggshells around some easily offended people in my real life.  Perhaps he liked my photo.  Perhaps he didn't even see it.  And if he saw it and had an adverse reaction, that's a shame.  The girl was so cute.  In any case, I thought of him and wished him well.  I hope that his grief over the loss of his mother is lifting.  In my own experience, we all take what time we take to process that grief.  It took me years.

Service - I helped a couple of punk rockers find the way to the airport with the airport bus from the SNCF station.

A couple of photos from today:

Yves Klein's International Klein Blue

The Homage to Julian Lennon's photos


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A beautiful sea

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