Thursday, June 25

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 310)

Today was a pretty great day.  I did some sleeping (a lot after being out late), I did some writing and I did some socialising before I got out to see Dan Shears at a gig near Old Street in Hipster Heaven.

Dan is a great singer/songwriter and a truly entertaining performer and I'm happy to hear that he has reached 60% of his goal for mixing and printing of his first album.  If you want to have a taste of his genius, I am posting a couple of snippets below.  Please consider pre-ordering his album or giving more if you can, to help him to finance his first album.

If you love his work like I do, you can follow him at Dan Shears on Facebook and Twitter and his website is

His address to pre-order the album is:
It would make an excellent gift.

1. I am grateful I got to see Io- today for sangria at the Terrazza.  I have never liked sangria but this is actually a Spanish tapas restaurant and their white sangria is to die for.  It was good to see Io-.  We spent way too many nights in the office together after everyone had left, buckling under impossible workloads.  I am glad to see that she did what had to be done and just stopped working those hours.  I hope it hasn't impacted on her performance review but there is more to life than work and the willing horse is the one that is eaten first (because it dies of overwork).

2. I am grateful to Martin who called with information on Manga juice that might help my chronic illness.  I need now to follow up with the sales rep and do some research but it is kind of him to go out of his way to connect me with someone who sells what he thinks might help me, given my diagnosis. 

3. I am grateful to CV- who has given me some music industry contacts that I hope can be helpful to Dan and to my friend Terrence.  Two great musicians that could use a break.

Joy - It was a joy to see and hear Dan again tonight.  We had a quick catchup after the show but I'll be seeing him again in two weeks so I hope to catch up further then.  He is a talent that deserves a great break. 

Oneness - I actually felt a sense of Oneness with the audience tonight.  Dan has a dedicated following and there is one other woman who has been following him since his Union Chapel gig.  I guess we were there together.  I just happened to decide to go hear Charlene Soraia and he opened for her.  I've since not really followed Charlene as much but Dan is incredible.  And a wonderfully nice guy with a wicked sense of humour.  It is no wonder he has a loyal following.

Service - I posted Dan's snippets on Facebook and Instagram and gave his link for his music pledge site.  I hope this gets him at least a couple more people to pre order his album.  I also made my contribution to the cause and made sure that it was a sacrifice.  I believe in this man and believe he deserves a really big break.  Talent like his should be shared with a much wider audience.

Again, his link is:

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