Monday, June 29

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 314)

As you know, it is not my practice to edit any of my posts.  I write them in one go, without revision.  Its a rough draft of my life, if you will.  On social media - I think this is the closest we come to the 'truth' of the moment.  However, I noticed the photo did not attach, so I'm going to fix that.


Today was a pretty laid back day. It was hot but not great weather and so I did a fair amount of chores and did my grocery shop. Living large in the nation's capital.

1. I am grateful I finally got the chance to catch up briefly with Ca- she has a cold or allergies and is not well. Her mood is following her health or perhaps, vice versa. I found her to be in very poor spirits and I hope we will get a chance to meet up again soon and get outdoors and have some fun. If that doesn't work, I think a swim is in order.  No matter how old we get, I believe our mood can be improved by putting ourselves in water. We don't have baths in our flats, so a swim might have to be on the agenda.

2. Since I became um...vaguely diagnosed....I have been struggling with the heat. My room is always several degrees hotter than it is outside and so, today I am grateful for my fan. It cools my room more than one would expect! 

3. I am grateful for Netflix. When I wasn't feeling well over the weekend, I was able to watch about a half dozen episodes of a series I follow. I rested a lot as well, so, since I have seen these episodes before, I didn't rally mind dozing through them.  But, being unwell, the comfort of a story made me feel less alone. 

Joy - It was a joy to fill up the fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables. I am looking forward to meals this week.

Oneness - I had a long, unexpected talk with my new flatmate. It was fun getting to know him a little and realizing his motivations for the choices he is anticipating in the next few years. He seems really rather self aware. 

Service - I found something with a slightly twisted humour to post to Ted who remains, recovering, in hospital. I continue to pray for those I know are suffering....even those who are being unkind and/or selfish towards me. I could still use prayers my way if you are wondering what you could do for your service today.

Aha! I remember my service from yesterday! I have a friend who is suffering and was struggling to be positive. He is in severe and chronic pain. He wrote that he was struggling to be grateful and so I wrote to him about 3 things I am grateful for that are due to him and his presence in my life.  I promised to be grateful for him, when he could not be grateful on his own. I hope that knowing he impacts on others will give him a little boost to continue to face his difficult circumstances.

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