Tuesday, June 30

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 315)

Day 315 was a long one.  I woke at 3:30 am feeling a little too hot to sleep and as I was awake for about a half hour before I rolled over to see the reflection of the sunrise in the widows opposite me.  That was it for me - I was up and out on the street watching the fire in the early morning sky.  The clouds were so incredible, reflecting the reds and pinks and golds of the sunrise.  I tried to capture some of the majesty of the clouds as the sun came through them but the IPad mini and windows phone couldn't cope.  At that hour, I don't go flashing my real camera around the streets of London alone.  But where the light was reflecting, the result was a little better.  That was it.  I was up, working and on with my day and although I spent a couple of hours just sitting on the Southbank and talking with F-, I didn't stop until well past midnight when I returned home.  So, this is getting posted in the morning.  As you can imagine, after having a nice cool drink of water, I was passed out.

So, a little late but still fresh enough to be consumed....

1. I am grateful that F- was able to reschedule to see me.  Ours is a funny history.  We worked together and she worked for our main contractor.  She used to organize a monthly meeting that was a rather important forum and I was the key attendees.  In that process, we never really met.  It wasn't until after she left that we met.  We got along really well and it was really then that we started to get to know one another and we've been in touch almost daily on Facebook.  I feel like I know her, know a lot about her life and yet, we've never really had a one-to-one face to face meeting until today.  It was great.  Just as I expected, we got along very well.  She has a fascinating story and is a ball of positive energy and light.  She is a joy to be around.  And, she treated me to both ice cream and coffee!  Again, thank you, F-.

2. I am grateful for the wonderful weather.  We were able to just walk and talk and sit and talk along the Southbank.  I think London really is at its best in the Summertime.  There is no city that is better, in my opinion, in the middle of the summer.

3. I am grateful that I finally got hold of the catalogue for Julian Lennon and also for Drew Tal.  I had requested the catalogue through their facebook page auto response function and it never reached me.  I am told they sent it several times but I never received it.  I had wondered what was going on - but today I just replied to an email sent to me and received it. 

I am a fan of Julian's work and have seen his photography elsewhere.  I considered buying one of two pieces last year, but I decided that those would be just for the sake of having a piece.  Neither struck me like a lightening bolt.  There were some pieces in Paris last year in the galleries that did strike me that way.  Unfortunately, they were priced over €50,000 and I'm not quite 'there' yet in my collecting ;)

I also like the work of Drew Tal.  I think I had heard of him previous to his being lumped into the emails around Julian's shows.  His work has the feel of the pieces that struck me in Paris.  I am a big fan of good mixed media art.  I am also a fan of straightforward photography and always have been.  However, its interesting to see Drew's catalogue.  There are other pieces I've seen that I prefer and so I think both artists are those I'm going to keep as a watching brief. 

I've been watching Hugh Turvey for a couple of years now and I have known for awhile that one of his pieces will make it to my home. 

The funny thing is that I have no walls.  I have no home.  I have no furniture to match.  I guess I'm not your typical contemporary art buyer.  I like what I like because of the art, not because it might match my sofa.

I am also keeping a watch on the artist C Michael Frey.  He has been painting for decades and is an award winning digital media designer.  Some of his work with photography has a quality similar to Drew Tal's images.  I understand he has been doing a fair amount of photography in 2014.   I can' wait to see what he is producing!

3. I am grateful for the free wifi at several locations around the city.  As I was out yesterday, I was able to chat with friends online and to post some photos now and again.  I don't know how I'm going to live in a city that doesn't have free hotspots everywhere!

Joy - It was a joy to capture some photos of the folks on the Southbank yesterday.  I don't usually shoot people but some photographer friends of mine have commented how much they like my street photography.  That has usually been with my DSLR and a long lens so I wondered if I could manage anything interesting with a phone and iPad mini.  I gave it a whirl and whether they turned out very well or interesting the thing was....I had a real sense of joy just snapping them.  The one thing that usually brings me joy and takes me out of my head is snapping.  I wonder what takes you out of your head and brings you joy?  Do you know?  Find it.  And do more of it!  That Rx applies to me, as well.

Oneness - I started thinking of Steve again tonight.  His memorial service is tomorrow, on the 30th.  I only learned today that he had already been cremated and somehow that bothered me - I wish I had known when he was going to be cremated.  I don't know why.  I kept thinking well...maybe I could have held space and sent blessings.  But then I realised I had already done that when I learned that he had died.  Thinking about him makes me feel closer to him, although I realise now that there was so much I didn't know.  It's time for a reflection post and I'm going to use this space to write about him.

Service - I wasn't able to meet F- and her son, B- on the weekend.  Apparently, B- was really upset that I didn't come.  He needs to understand and be prepared for everything that is going to happen, or it upsets him.  I didn't realise this and I felt awful and wondered if I shouldn't have dragged myself there.  Immediately, I realised that being in a crowd at Trafalgar Square would not have been good, in my condition on Saturday.  So, before F- and I parted, I wrote him a little note on a coffee shop napkin and sent it home with her.  We all love to get mail...so I hope he enjoyed it and forgives the rather low brow 'stationary' I had to use.

A couple of photos from today:

A photo posted by Tania Campbell (@pinkstarpix) on

A photo posted by Tania Campbell (@pinkstarpix) on

A photo posted by Tania Campbell (@pinkstarpix) on

And the singing elevator at Southbank Centre

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Faith Romeo said...

Hi Tania, he did love the note you sent. I gave it to him when he came out of school. He said it made his heart feel warm xx It's in a pile of stuff to go into his memory book which I've been doing for him since he was a baby.

Pink said...

Oh wow!! Thanks, Faith. That's great to hear xx