Thursday, July 16

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 330)

So, apparently I am still sick and that is knocking me flat.  This is being written up a bit late but here goes....

1. I am grateful that I was able to make it to lunch with the Gov, Huntress and Cheese.  We had entrecote and chips and a bottle of wine in honour of Bastille day :)

2. I am grateful that the Guv treated me to a cake, which I took home and had with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

3. I am grateful that I didn't have to be anywhere in the afternoon.  After going to the grocery store, it became apparent that I am exhausted from being sick.  I was able to come home and rest and sleep.

Joy - It was a joy to discover two new-to-me musicians from France.  One was posted by a friend, MB on Facebook and the other I found because I recognized his French hit.  I posted them for Bastille Day on Facebook too.

Oneness - I chatted with CM today and it was good to see that we were of the same mind on something.  I thought that perhaps I was in the wrong in my thinking because others seemed so convinced of the opposite.  Perhaps I was seeing the worst in the situation.  But CM is one of the lightest beings I know and if he saw it the same way that I did, it was not a negative predisposition at work - it was simply seeing the negative in someone where others refused to do so.  Love makes us blind.  I know this.  I wish I could circumvent that but it is the nature of being 'in love' - it makes us see everything as wonderful and to ignore the negative even when we see it.  Being in love is a kind of madness.  As much as I have wanted to be free of a particular relationship that is too one-way for me, it feels a little sad to be free of that madness.  But, at least in that, I felt oneness with CM.

Service - The good news (but not great news) is that my sister's condition is unchanged.  The bad news is that it hasn't improved overnight.  So, I continue to pray and send healing and ask that you also keep Mary in your prayers.

A photo from a few days ago by the incredibly generous street artist and writer @wrdsmth - find him on instagram

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