Friday, July 17

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 332)

Today was a busy day....

1. I am grateful that I finally got an appointment with my GP. It is largely my fault that I have not seen the GP in awhile...but I finally called in and made the appointment.

2. I am grateful for my day planner.  It has been by the wayside, shall we say, while I have had this cough. But, frankly, I am much less productive when I fail to plan, so now that I have it out again, it helps me get things done. Hey...whatever works for each of us, right? I guess I am old school.

3. I am grateful that I got to catch up with my flat mate tonight. We are going to have a meal together on Saturday.

Joy - It was a joy to hear that my sister Mary is improving in the hospital. Please keep her in your prayers.

Oneness - Today I was actually quite wrapped up in writing and planning a website. Oh MY gosh, I think my head might explode with trying to work out how to design my website. I am a very focused person when I am in the flow and sometimes I have had to pull myself away from working because I can get so engrossed. This happened to me today and I would say that I was One with the Internet and the future shape of things. Which....if you're wise to spot a tricky way of saying that I did not experience Oneness today because I was engrossed in my thinking brain. So, for the half hour we spent together tonight, the catchup with my flat mate was vitally important.

Service - I helped some tourists find their way at Waterloo station and I continue to offer prayer and healing support to those in need.

A photo from the day...

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