Sunday, July 19

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 334)

Well, apparently, I didn't fix it all because this wouldn't post!  But here we go...its fixed!!

Today I spent the day with my flatmate Lk.  I don't actually think we did anything we set out to do but we had a great time.

1. I am grateful that the Breakfast Club serves a half order of pancakes and bacon.  Two smaller pancakes is enough for me.  I once had the regular order which was 4 large pancakes.  I had to lie down afterwards.  Not really.  But I couldn't finish it and it was a waste.  Who eats 4 large pancakes? Someone with a huge tolerance for gluten, I guess!

2. I am grateful that Lk has a discount at M&S - we bought a nice set of groceries to make a lovely salmon supper.

3. I am grateful that Lk is flexible.  We stopped in the sunshine to have a couple of drinks on the way home and by the time we left, we did not feel like cooking in the heat and so we set off for a bit of supper and a trip to the Tate Modern.  By the time I went to bed, I felt that all I had done was eat and drink all day (probably because I had!) but it was fun hanging out with Lk and we even watched an episode of Gogglebox together.  It was a nice day out/in.

Joy - It was a joy to laugh at Gogglebox with Lk this evening and before that, to enjoy some sunshine and drinks together.

Oneness - I enjoyed spending time with Lk today and getting to know him better.  We get along quite naturally well together. 

Service - I hadn't intended to spend the whole day out but it was nice.  when I returned home I again did an extra long healing for my sister who has had her breathing tube removed and for the person I mentioned yesterday.

Oddly - I carried 4 different devices that take photos today but I never ended up taking any pictures! is one from a few days ago....

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