Thursday, July 2

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 317)

Catching up for was el scorchio in London and actually, the heat stifles me.  I never used to be like this, but from what I understand of the ladies of Group 44, it is a common reaction amongst those of us with this condition.  So, I may need to become nocturnal once again. 

1. I am grateful that the Cheese and I caught up for lunch.  It was unusual.  He was in quite a grumpy mood and had a lot of complaints.  He may have complaints, but he normally doesn't bring them out in public so it was unusual to see him in such a bad mood.  Perhaps the weather was impacting upon him.  I'm glad I was able to listen.

2. I am grateful that my new flatmate invited me to join him to eat supper tonight.  He ordered in and I ate some leftovers but we had a little chat.  He is used to living with a flatmate and I live alone so our need for social interaction is very different but I sensed he was lonely and so it was nice to have just a little catch up for an hour or so.

3. I am grateful for my friend, CM-.  I was struggling with something and he was a good sounding board and support.  I love him to pieces.

Joy - It was a joy to make another great salad today for lunch.  I love salads but somehow I just don't feel like eating them in winter.  In summer, there's nothing better.

Oneness - I stayed in for most of the day, suffering from the heat.  However, I started back into some research for the other book I began writing and which has been a little bit on the back burner of late.  I have been researching a certain group of people and what motivates them to behave in a particular manner.  No matter how bizarre the behaviour, what makes for good writing (or good psychotherapy, for that matter) is to understand the origin of pathos and to see that we are all capable of the same fate, given a particular set of biology and circumstances.  I could see some of myself in the research and I could see where and why I was able to cope in different ways rather than in the pathological manner this group exhibits.  I started researching this at the end of last year and then put it aside.  I now find that there is a significant amount of research under different disciplines that is fairly recent (dating from about 2000).  I am looking forward to directing my focus into understanding this phenomenon and working it into my story in a way that rings true.  The cool thing about writing characters or portraying them as an actor is that we get to see where we are just like them.

Service - Someone on Instagram mentioned being unwell and I added them to my prayer and healing list.

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