Tuesday, July 21

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 336)

Some moments in life are ah-ha moments. I had one of those today. And it made me realise how absolutely stupid I am. When I see the big picture now, I wonder how I could have been so obtuse for so long about something that was right in front of my face. Silly silly girl. And the fact that I didn't put 2+2 together led me to be a bit mistrustful of someone's good intentions because I didn't realise their intentions.  

How did I fail to have that ah-ha moment? I just did. I feel really daft. Mea culpa.

1. I am grateful I figured out what I should have figured out back in March. I missed out on the opportunity to have a nice friend for many months. I hope the opportunity hasn't passed, completely. I am so grateful that the ah-ha moment hit me late this evening.

2. I am grateful that I was able to sleep very late today. I exhausted myself using up all my energy spoons with some great activities over the weekend.

3. I am grateful for my friendship with CM. He has a dry sense of humour and an incisive way of making me see my blind spots.

Joy - It was a joy to have my aha moment.

Oneness - I felt one with my pillow, one with my computer and then I really did feel disconnected so I edited some photos. I didn't realise that I'd taken so many photos with my camera rather than my phone or ipad on the weekend. A lot of them are portraits. I love people's faces. Everyone is beautiful. I have some really beautiful shots of street artists that I can't use because of what they do (what was I thinking?) But I do think I will edit them and then send them over by DM on instagram and offer them the photo for themselves. Looking at people and taking their photo...well...it may sound weird, but it makes me feel 'in communion' with them. People are beautiful.

Service - Well, its morning and I've not slept so I shall do service to the world and go to bed ;) I will also send healing and prayers to those in my circle.

I am thinking about my 365 day celebration. I think it will be a small gathering and I want it to be, actually. I want those who are there to be an important part of my life over the last year and for some, longer. Many of them won't know that they are important to me but they will. I know not everyone I ask will be able to come but I asked Dan Shears tonight and he's saving the date for me. I really want him to be there. He has inspired me to live again. But that, my friends, is a story for another day.

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