Saturday, July 25

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service Day (Day 340)

Today was a busy day and I haven't hardly slept this week.  I feel a bit like Nico Muhly when he talks a thousand miles an hour in his manic state.  I am very energized and like all of us who have M.E., we do try to make hay while the sun shines and when we have good days, we do tend to overdo it and then we crash hard the next week.  I am in a boom right now and I'm sure you'll see me busting around day 350.  I hope not.

I wrote to Louis Masai today and I realize that I just went a billion miles an hour about stuff and I didn't take him along the journey with me.  It really is 3 separate things I am on about and so I need to slow down and help people come along with me.  When I was developing the PwC proposition on water scarcity/flooding and the physical impacts of climate change, I did tend to get excited about my work and do the same thing.

Slow down. having said that, here we go...

1. I am grateful that I got a catalogue from Louis today as I'd like to buy something but I don't think its in the catalogue.  It also gave me the opportunity to contact him about other things in the pipeline.  I am grateful that I had the energy to do it, because I don't always.

2. I am grateful that I got to meet with Ruth at the Canvas Café and since she is a member of the Happiness Cafes in Action for Happiness, she thought that we would be a good fit for the 365 day celebration.  So, with the venue sorted, I've been able to set up the invitation.  It is going to be an intimate gathering but I don't have the energy for personal invitations so I hope people don't mind a facebook invitation.  I would like to ask one of the street art community to help lead a tour but...I'm not sure they wouldn't see that as work rather than recognition of their knowledge.  Let's see...I'll think about it.  Oh, did I mention that I'm adding a street art tour to the celebration day?  No?  Ah, didn't take you along the journey with me, did I? 


3. I am grateful for my hairdressing salon.  I've now had 5 different colourists in 13 years and they've kept a record of my colour so that I don't have to try to colour match or go with the whim of a new stylist.  They do a nice job of it - Toni and Guy, South Kensington - show them some love, people.

Joy - It was a joy to have supper with my flatmate, L- tonight.  We spend a lot more time together than I would have ever imagined that we would.  We are very different in ages and I am older than his mother but we laugh because he acts 45 and is 23 and I act 23 and am .... not.  ;)

Oneness - I thought a lot tonight about what I'm going to feel if sp76 and d7606 turn out to be the same person.  I don't know what to hope for.  If they are, then I think we will get over my being a dork pretty easily (d7606 is a darling).  If they're not...well...I will be glad that I didn't offend d7606.  I guess I'm hoping it is not the same person, but I will find out tomorrow, won't I?  I know that we talk about us all being one...but in this case...I hope they are two.

I met a young man at the Canvas Café today who comes from Vancouver Island where my nieces live, TCBC lives and where I spent a seminal year in writing school.  I felt oneness with the west coast of Canada, with the hippies from back home (though I was never a hippie till I went to NYC and became a yoga teacher) and with the forest and sea.  I was thinking a lot about the forest and sea, sitting in the middle of east London this afternoon and I need to get out in nature for a walk very soon or I will get itchy in my soul.

Service - my sister remains in the hospital one level of urgent care below intensive care and so I sent her distance healing today.  I am also talking to potential subjects for my next article on service.

With that - I'm off to Bristol....And it looks like I'm due for another reflections piece...

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Ur-spo said...

I feel the same way about BC and Vancouver.