Thursday, July 30

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 345)

1. I am grateful that I got to meet Anna Laurini, the extremely talented artist to discuss her work with her. I am also grateful because she brought a gift for me which was completely unexpected. She was, however, much as I expected her to be, from her work. A warm woman and thoroughly dedicated and committed artist.  I knew I would like her, from her art and her photography. We agreed to meet again, and I am very much looking forward to it. 

2. I am grateful that I got to see Dan Kitchener's mural up on Clerkenwell and Goswell.  I have walked past it at least 5 times in the past week but never knew it was there. I am indebted again to @speckles76 for giving me the location. 

3. I am grateful for public art, both commissioned and illegally created. The art creates a focus for people of all ages and walks of life to mix, mingle and discuss art. Today, I enjoyed talking to the car park attendant about street art, painters and our favourite painters. We talked about Dan Kitchener, Carravagio, the Breughels, and Velasquez.  We talked about the way art had become dead under the old director of the National Gallery, the shows on at Tate Modern, Tate Britain and in Paris and Rome. It was an "I love London" moment because I am constantly learning about art from everyone I meet. I don't have that opportunity in North America except a little bit in New York. I think the city should invest more in public art and the government in fine arts education because art builds community, if we make it accessible to all.

Joy - it was a joy to see the UV light that the artists in London have, for some reason, been using lately. 

Oneness - I felt a sense of camaraderie with the elderly car park attendant as we chatted about art and I became aware of my thoughts of surprise that he was able to talk about painters and then I realized that I had been judging him by his age and occupation. How tricky our thoughts can be. I am grateful for the lesson in challenging my own thinking and perceptions. 

Service - My flatmate, L-, didn't get the job transfer he was hoping for and so I dragged him out to meet me in Shoreditch for supper and a few pints to cheer him up.

A photo of Dan Kitchener's mural:

a piece by Anna Laurini in a group show, on through Sunday:

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