Sunday, July 26

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 341)

1. I am so darned grateful that d7606 is not Sp76!!!! Hooray! I have a whole new person to act like an idiot in front of!! But seriously....when I thought that perhaps I had made an ass of myself in front of d7606 I was mortified. Its bad enough to have been a nit wit in front of Sp76 but d7606 took me under his wing. I am so relieved to know that it is a fresh slate with him.  There are too many people with similar digits on instagram and multiple identities that Sp76, SpZero76, d7606 could all be the same person not to mention some of the fans like speckles76 and spo76.  Jeez people - what's with the darn number 76?

2. I am grateful to have had the chance to see Louis Masai paint today. I enjoy his work and admire his conviction to conservation. Seeing him work was a pleasure.

3. I am grateful that I managed to get my train from Paddington. I think it meant that I had about 2 hours of light sleep but d7606 was only going to be working for the morning and as I came to Bristol specifically to meet him, I didn't want to miss him.

Joy - It was a joy to be outside in the sunshine the whole day. I didn't realise it but I got a wee bit of a sunburn in the clouds and sun today.

Oneness - watching Louis paint is like watching a well choreographed ballet. I can't paint or draw or do anything visual other than shoot what I see. But, I did once do modern dance and perform. And so, I watched Louis with the frame of reference I have. 

Service - I bought a couple of pieces of art today. They are not expensive and so, to say that is service is a bit much, but the intention behind buying the pieces is to support the artists in my small way. 

And so that you can get a taste of the beauty of watching Louis Masai paint: 

And...Louis' Finished Piece:

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