Thursday, July 23

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 339)

So, I googled to see if I could find sp76 and d7606 linked anywhere in write-ups on street art.  Yes, I know that sp76 told me he isn't an artist, but what else could he say, even if he was one? 

I am a bit of a dog with a bone on this because I feel so stupid for how I behaved on Sunday and I really hope I didn't just make a bad impression on d7606.  If I did, then I'm going to have to work extra hard to make it up to him (them).  If not, well, phew.

I want to know if d7606 and sp76 are the same person.  I need to know.  I find myself feeling awkward with d-, even though there is no evidence to link him with sp-.  Well, until last night.  I found a blog post that thanked them both for their help in a tour of Shoreditch street art.  Good god.  As if this week couldn't get more mortifying....

I see that d7606 is going to be at the Upfest which I had planned on attending, when I read about it earlier in the year.  It is an international street art festival and many of the artists I follow will be painting there.  After seeing the artists work last weekend, I would like the chance to watch again and to meet them.  I think I will stay away from intoxicants, shall I?

I want to make it up to sp76 and this would be a good chance to laugh about it and move on.  On the other hand, if it isn't sp- and d- are not the same person, I will be relieved.  I'm not sure which to hope for, more.  I guess all I can hope for is the truth.  And, as this may be the only time I get to meet d-, I have to go and somehow express how thankful I am for his help.  I know that I cannot express it in a meeting like that, but its important that we do go out of our way to thank people who have gone out of their way for us.

So, with that...

1. I am grateful I have a place to stay in Bristol and that the event is free because the transportation isn't cheap.

2. I am grateful - so grateful - that D7606 will be at the street art festival so that I can have the chance to meet him and put my face to the internet personality and do the same with him.  I am grateful that I will get a chance to even just say 'thank you'

3. I am grateful that I can get excited like a child about something that interests me and sounds fun.  I am skipping and laughing because I'm going to see so many people paint that I have admired over this past year!

Joy - It was a joy to savour another yogurt and fig gelato on the way to the doctor's office.

Oneness - I felt a sense of oneness with the positive and happy energy that is all around us.  It wasn't specific to anyone in particular...I just felt connected to the positive today.

Service - I saw my GP today and I came with another option for us to test and helped her to understand that we would probably need to do another blood test and possibly two different kinds, in order to rule out Lyme disease as being undiagnosed.  In a way, I would rather find out it is Lyme disease because at least that can be treated.  I shared d7606's promo post on Facebook today announcing a limited edition release of prints.  I hope to acquire one as he has been an important part of this year for me.

A photo from today (taken a few days ago, posted today):

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