Wednesday, July 29

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 344)

Wow, having this illness is funny sometimes.  Well, I have to find it funny because what else are you going to do? 

I completely forgot I had two important meetings today with people with whom I am aligning my work.  They kind of overlapped and when I remembered, I ran like heck to get there. (I only remembered an hour before I had to be there - and all thanks to a reminder email - those with this illness need a day planner by their side at all times because we could forget our own names if it weren't tattooed on our bottoms ;)  No, I don't have my own name on my bottom!)

I made it to the first meeting and tried my best to make it to the second but transport for London did not cooperate.  Luckily the second person knew that I might not make it because of other commitments....we will meet again. goes

1. I am grateful that my Action for Happiness continues to meet and that I was able to make a public commitment to offering free resources on Gratitude that would align with the work of Action for Happiness.  Exciting things are happening but I am beginning to feel like I can't keep up with my own life!  Its all good.

2. I am grateful for Dan Shears.  I was assaulted in a nightclub in London in 2006 and the circumstances were that I was there alone and my friends were late.  It was a horrible experience and it has taken a long time to get over it.  I had heard Dan Shears play at Union Chapel many years ago and followed him online.  In 2011 or so, I saw that he was playing at some club in North London.  I tried and tried to find someone to go with me.  Nobody wanted to attend.  And so I made a brave decision.  I decided to go alone. 

I walked into a club full of goths wearing what my colleagues called my Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream coat.  I stuck out like a sore (bright) thumb but it was one of the greatest nights of my life because I got to swoon at Dan's angelic voice singing murder and revenge ballads and I got to celebrate my courage to recover and take back the night.  Dan Shears helped me take back the night and he doesn't know it but I am forever grateful for his gift of music and the way I connect with it - so much so that I was able to face and overcome my fears.

3. I am grateful for lunch with the Cheese today.  We haven't had it in ages but since the weather was pretty rough, we had pie and mash like east end geezers.

Joy - It was a joy to sleep until 10 this morning.

Oneness - I felt a real sense of oneness and connection with the members of my Action for Happiness group, especially W-, Cy- and L-.  I used to struggle to make it to our meetings on a weekly basis but today I was really happy to see my old pals.  I hope that together we can make a difference, however small.  Ripples matter.

Service - A friend is struggling with cancer and my sister is still in hospital so my service today was a healing service.

A photo from the weekend

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