Monday, August 10

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (356)

Where did today go?

1. I am grateful that my cholesterol and blood pressure were still stable despite not being able to exercise the way I used to do.  However, I am a little disappointed that the blood test for Lyme disease did not come back conclusive.  The blood test threw up a negative but I know that the blood test gives a false negative anywhere from 10-45 percent of the time, according to Columbia school of Medicine.  I have asked the doctor for a Western Blot but she was reluctant to give me that test until she had spoken with her infectious disease colleagues.  The challenge with the Western Blot is that it also requires a lab that is skilled in reading the results.  I don't know how this is going to turn out but I hope that I do get to have a Western Blot so that we can rule out Lyme disease - or treat it, if it turns out that - like many people from western Canada, these symptoms are misdiagnosed.

2. I am grateful that Michael has offered to sketch out some ideas for a new logo for the new platform.  He did my logo for my social enterprise.  It was perfect and so I can't wait to see what ideas he has.  (addendum: it seems I was grateful for this yesterday.  But I think I'll allow I am grateful because I am also remembering the work he did for me back in New York and I am grateful for that as well.)

3. I am grateful for gluten free bread.  I have been eating erratically lately and trying to accommodate my flatmate.  That means I've been eating way too much gluten and its making me bloated and groggy.  I had a nice bit of egg and toast (gluten free) for supper tonight and that felt like the first proper meal I've had in ages.  Yes, eggs and toast.  That tells you the junk I have been eating.

Joy - It was a joy to stop for a cappuccino and do some writing at the social pantry in Clapham.  I spent a lot of time there, in the past.  They have a pretty good playlist, free wifi, great cappuccinos and tasty gluten free food.  I feel like my brain never stops working at the moment.  When I am on trains, I am writing blog posts or keeping up with instagram (though I really haven't been out to snap anything in weeks).  So today, it was a joy to have a nice cappuccino and write for a bit before I had to head home. 

Oneness - I stood on the train platform and looked back at the place that had been home for a decade.  I lived on the 14th floor and watched a lot of fireworks from that balcony.  My entire relationship with P- played itself out there.  I lived there longer than I lived anywhere - ANYWHERE - in my life.  When I left, I thought I would miss it.  I stood on the platform, revisiting a girl that no longer exists.  And that's okay.  I'm happy with that.

Service - All this work on the platform is service.  None of it is monetized.  I need to figure out how I'm going to change that and make some income.  That's becoming pressing, now

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