Monday, August 10

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 355)

Another beautiful day in London. That meant quiet in my flat so that I could work.

1. I am grateful to MiloV- for the great tunes he sent over from his friend,  i spent the morning selecting songs for a playlist for the event and then thought this looks like a very camp gay man's playlist mixed with a sappy housewife.  So I did the only thing I could on the hip for help.  I imagine my playlist will now be a mix of CampQueen, sapwife and hipster. Should be interesting.

2. I am grateful to CM- who has offered to try to fit in a redesign of my logo. I guess I have to admit that the logo is more about me than the project I have in mind and that needs its own branding.  The garish logo I have is not quite it and it confuses.  If he has time to do it before launch, that will be great. If not, well...everything can change later. I admit that it was insane to try to build a new platform in 2 weeks but it seems we are managing to do it. The big gap is content and that's up to me to get my skates on. Its not easy doing this writing and filling up the platform with content, too. Busy, busy, busy!

3. I am grateful that someone dear to me shared a very personal part of themselves with me last night.   It was something quite unexpected at an unexpected moment.  I don't know that I handled it as well as I could have and so I did my best to make up for that this afternoon and will re-approach the topic. I feel privileged when people speak so intimately with me.

Joy - It was a joy to see Ca- today. We haven't seen one another in ages.  She says that every time we meet I say I have been in France, or Belgium, Bristol or Canada with the same matter-of-factness as she says that she has popped out to Lidl. I think she exaggerates but she says that she has always felt that I belong to London and that I have become part of the landscape of London more than anyone she knows.  I wonder if she might be right.

Oneness - I felt I failed in establishing rapport and deeply creating a safe place for my friend who shared of himself with me.  I got part way, but I could have done better. I was in the middle of cooking and should have stopped and given him the fullness of my attention. On the other hand, his timing may have indicated that he didn't want the fullness of my attention.  I hope we can readdress it and see.

Service - My platform work and cooking for someone else was about all the service that I undertook today.

No photos, alas...

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