Thursday, August 13

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 359)

Not such a nice day in London. Perfect for all that I had to get done.

1. I sent a reminder to those who RSVP'd on facebook for my 365 celebration. I am grateful that Eleanor, Neale and their new baby will possibly be coming to help mark the 365 day milestone with me. I am grateful to Eleanor for her service to UBC alumni in London and for her incredible ability to network. When I met her, I was kind of adrift among all the expats that seem to come and go with such fierce regularity that one begins to wonder if there is any point in making friendships anymore. She helped me to feel more rooted in the Canadian expat community and she and Neale came to celebrate a big birthday with me and Neale - bless his cotton socks - was our only man at the table. He held his own wonderfully and did a terrific job of pairing our wines with the meal. I am so glad they found one another and have made a wonderful life and home together in London. They are such good people and they deserve one another. I am also grateful that Sandra will possibly be able to make it too! Eleanor introduced me to Sandra and it was Sandra that gave me my first speaking engagement outside of my company on the topic of Sustainability. I owe her a lot for helping me to see that I was valued, even if sometimes my managers took us for granted.

Also possibly making an appearance will be Jasper and Craig - two beautiful men that really began my reclamation of my alternative side despite working in finance. They aren't that alternative but Craig is a designer and Jasper - a former colleague is an intense rower and they are both hipsters with beautiful welcoming souls. I hope they will come. They've been a constant in my life as I've been recovering.

I hear that Nick may join us - another former colleague and one who gave me a lot of coaching at a time when I was a basket case at work. I hope to see him, as well!

Jayne and Gillian have said they will come but I'm not certain they will make it. Jayne I owe a lot for giving me my first job outside of the audit firm and allowing me to network and look for work beyond my initial contract. Gillian, well, she helped me envision myself as a professional that somehow integrates the financial, sustainability, spiritual and artistic sides of myself. I don't think I am quite there yet, but without her courses and CABA as I was trying to leave my last job, I would not be here, writing this today.

I hope to see Zainab, too. She reminded me of Layard's work which took me into getting involved with Action for Happiness. Its funny how a casual conversation seems just that - but it can change a person's life.

And I am very happy to know that Nicola will attend. She and I studied together and she is probably my longest friendship in London. She and I have very different interests and we rarely get to see one another but one thing I can say about Nicola is that she has always been there for me when I needed her to be. When I hurt my back, she came and took care of me. It is a good friend that will help you get to the toilet because you can't move. And, when I had nowhere to go, she opened her home to me. I don't think she realizes just how much I recognize how much she has done for me and what a loyal friend she is. I love them all and I am looking forward to seeing whomever can make it.

Lara might also come.  I hope so.  She loves street art and we've tried to connect over the last year at different street art openings but haven't managed it.  We connected earlier this year for lobster (of course, two divas must eat lobster) and it was so good to see her again.  We are two divas and so it is complicated being together because there can only be one diva in the room!  I jest.  We used to have a lot of lovely coffees and talk about our hopeless love with bastard men.  Since I left work, I haven't seen her much.  I hope she's gotten rid of the bastard men like I have.

Javi might come too! It should be funny to see all these people together again.  I remember the last time Nicola and Javi met was at my leaving party.  I was meant to be leaving for Canada.  I didn't go.  I think I have had lunch a couple of times with him since, but its not the same when you aren't working in the same place.  I adore Javi.  He is such a gentleman...I remember that we were having drinks another time and we ordered food.  Before he made up food for himself, he made a plate for me.  I know this sounds like a small thing, but these kinds of small ways that men take care of a woman mean a lot to me.  I love it when a man treats me like a woman but not less than his equal and Javi has the charm and the grace to do that.  He is a wonderful friend.

2. I am grateful that G- got in touch and arranged a meet up for tomorrow to discuss what we need to discuss before Sunday. He is super flat out busy with launching his show in September so I am so grateful for the time he is taking for me. We only just met and that just indicates to me a warm and incredibly giving and caring heart. I am very lucky to have met him.

3. I am grateful for Lk-. After I saw the doctor I didn't have the energy to go to D7606's show. I will have to get there during the weekend so I don't miss it. Lk- and I had dinner and he made me laugh. And then he left me alone to work. I know I've not been a joy to live with, having my face in the computer 24/7 but he's been pretty good about understanding and terrific at helping me build the website. I didn't have a website a week ago and apart from two posts needing content and one post needing some citations, it is ready to go. Wow. Without him and without C. Michael Frey, this would not have come together. I am looking forward to having a good night's sleep and a good laugh with Lk- and to seeing Michael some time soon. Its been too long for someone I love so much. I haven't seen him since I left New York. Too long.

Joy - I had a coffee at the Starbucks while I waited for the doctor. I listened to my playlist. I loved it. Maybe nobody else will like my music, but heck, I will. I was dancing at the table and did a little rhumba sashay on the way to the doctor. Alas, one of the rhumba songs got cut. My playlist is too long :(

Oneness - I decompressed in Starbucks for an hour and what I noticed, coming off the train was that I felt the walk to the coffee shop was a waste of time. Oh dear. I was back in that stress mindset that helped me to fall ill, in the first place. I reframed the moment and realised that this was the one moment in my day to breathe, to get some space and to clear my head. I had a wonderful, mindful walk after that.

Service - I read my welcome speech (I hope I don't die when I have to give it) to my doctor. She is just one of the doctors I see, but she has been with me on the journey since before I was diagnosed and so it was special to read her the speech. I cried at one point. I hope I don't blub on Sunday but if I don't get some sleep soon, it is guaranteed. It was a privilege to have that moment with her.

Photos?  OK - one from a long long time ago just to keep up the momentum as I try to ride this frantic wave to Sunday.


Ur-spo said...

Starbucks? Drink tea !

Pink said...

Hahaha - I often drink sparkling water and just camp there for their wifi. :) I hope you're feeling better, Spo!