Sunday, August 16

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 361)

I am a bit late in posting was a busy weekend!

1. I am grateful that Hugh arrived today to man the battle stations with us.  Poor Lk- has been barraged with work to help me prepare the website and when Hugh arrived, he was tasked with helping me put together individual packets for people I knew were confirmed to attend the event tomorrow.  I wanted to give them a little bit about the new website magazine, about my plans for putting together the book, about the street art tour we did and the musician Dan Shears but also - and most significantly, I wanted to put together snippets of the times I have written about them in the year.  I only went back about 3 months or so, because unfortunately I hadn't the time to go further but I wanted them to know that they really had been part of my journey and it wasn't just lip service to what I had been saying.  Hugh helped me to print and bind all the packages and when we discovered that I had 100,000 copies of one set, to figure out how we could maybe make use of it.  We did have to make a quick trip back to the library to print off day 359 (I had printed day 360 by accident) and rush to the event in the morning, but I was relieved to have somebody really double checking everything I did.  Thankfully he didn't notice there were typos in my new website.  Apparently wordpress does not have as good a spell and grammar function as blogger, believe it or not!

2. I am grateful for the naked burger at gourmet burger kitchen.  We went there after printing out things and as I didn't want to be eating wheat, there was a good option without the bun.  I am grateful that I was able to detox from wheat for the week.  I am sure there will be non-gluten-free cake in my future with Lk, but I needed to clear out my head and gluten really makes both my guts and my brain foggy.

3. I am grateful for music.  I know I have talked about a few specific musicians over the course of this (nearly) year of writing.  But I am grateful for music in general.  I use it to change my mood more than anything.  I write to music and I understand that a great many of the painters with whom I am acquainted also work with music.  Louis Masai has been quoted as saying that music and art are a natural complement but I would, of course, extend that to writing.  In fact, music and living are a natural complement.  If you want to feel something in particular, I think there are few things more mood changing and soul touching than music.  It is accessible to all who have the gift of hearing.  We really are blessed to have music in the world and I am grateful to all the musicians like Dan Shears, Loreena McKennit, Jesse Cook who have meant so much to me and been a force at a pivitol time in my life.  Keep creating - the world needs you!

Joy - It was a joy to get everything printed.  At the time, I thought I had finished all the printing.  It wasn't until later that I realized that I had printed the wrong day (Day 360) for some people and that I had completely missed out Dan's bio.  But, when I did think I was finished, it was such a weight lifted off my shoulders.  I had planned to do this since I first thought of the event and I really left it to the last minute, didn't I?  It wasn't like I didn't have lots of other stuff (writing a blog and starting an online magazine website, creating a happy playlist that wouldn't be vomit inducing and meeting with folks helping out with the day)

Oneness - I took a few moments after Hugh and Lk went to bed to write some thank you notes (most of which I forgot to give to people at the party!) but spending some time thinking about Dan, Greg, Luke, and Ben gave me the words to say what I wanted to say to them at the party.  Well, not Dan or Greg.  Luke and Ben are easy because Luke is my gay husband and so we have established that, and Ben is 5!  But for Dan and Greg - well, those two - its hard to say how grateful I am to them and how much they have meant to me without making them feel a bit awkward, I think.  We are conditioned to believe that love and appreciation between men and women are always a ploy for sex and that they come with all sorts of strings attached.  It is difficult to actually accept that one is unconditionally loved and appreciated for who one is, exactly as one is.  But that is how I feel and I hope they somehow now it.

Service - I made breakfast for Lk and I today.  It wasn't much of a service but I was busy for the rest of the day working on preparing for the 365 event.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Happiness Movement and how it can be appropriated in ways that make people feel burned out with inspirational messages.  This week I saw this in Waterloo Station and felt I had to post it and refute any acceptance of selling happiness.  Happiness is bloody hard work - but well worth it.

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Ur-spo said...

I am most grateful for music too.

Pink said...

The soul loves a song! Xx