Friday, August 7

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 351)

Today was a good day, despite the tube strike in London. 

I had to make my way again to the doctor in Richmond and that is quite a schlep but worse when you have to find your way via overground and southwest trains and DLR.  Still, I managed to use the time on the train(s) productively so all was not lost!

1. I am grateful that @seeds_one had a dripsandruns (when I first saw it months ago I thought it was drips and drums and I thought well ok - a paint jam and drum jam could be cool - I misread it - maybe a suggestion for the future?) that was open to the public.  I got to see another session of live painting which is always fun and teaches me a lot about the very talented painters and it was great to meet and/or catch up with some wonderful people.

2. I am grateful that my doctor operates on trust.  I have to pay her privately for her treatments because it is outside of the scope of the NHS but I have come a long way with her.  I left last week and got down the street before I realised that I had forgotten to pay her.  And I did the same this week.  That is a sign of my illness actually, to sort of be a bit ungrounded and forgetful at times.  But, it could also be a sign of how happy I am at this moment.  Being happy can be ungrounding because happiness (depending on the source) is usually resonating in the heart and crown chakras - air and ether.  Not particularly grounded.  Anger and depression resonate with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, lower in the body and particularly depression is grounding - too much so.  Let's see whether it is a sign that I'm in a setback or happy.  Imagine those two conditions being able to be mistaken in their early onset?!?!  Life is strange!

3. I am grateful that I was able to rest today.  I worked late with Lk- last night on the new platform and I could feel myself coming down with a chest infection again.  It is not normal how many chest infections I get.  I am convinced that this reaction is my body's dis-regulated response to stress (which includes over activity) and that it is not a contagious chest infection at all.

Joy - It was a joy to finally meet @sp76, finally. I am grateful that after I was a numpty the last time he was around, that he was so gracious to me and welcoming and warm.  I felt completely comfortable with him.  I think it had to do with the fact that I did not get tipsy.  I hate to admit it - I am just high on life that I am actually a lot more fun to be with when I'm sober.  Two beer and I'm a liability. 

It was also a joy to hang out with @monsu_plin and @streetartatlas after the paint jam ended.  @monsu_plin is an artist whose work you will have seen around London but who is not actually from here.  @streetartatlas is a wonderful person who photographs street art events and writes a blog in support of the street artists so that their work can be seen.  I really like them both - no ego, no pretense, no competition.  Talking with @monsu_plin you feel like you are really engaging in thoughtful conversation - even at the end of a long night at the bar.  I really enjoyed spending time with both of them.

Oneness - I had a nice conversation with one of the artists on the way home.  He asked an awkward question and I answered truthfully, because I really try to live authentically. It probably was too much truth and more than he was expecting.  I think it left him in an awkward position.  But, he was very kind and warm in response and I hope it didn't upset him.  His response was very touching to me - such a kind soul.  It makes me wonder - was I feeling awkward talking about it and so I project that outwards to maybe he feeling awkward?  I think I have something to work on, with myself, here.

Service - Hmmm...well...I really struggle with this today because I was in bed late and then running between the doctor and other venues.  The one thing that stands out in my mind is that standing on the curb outside the bar/gallery tonight, I watched a lot of people trying to get through the crowd on their way and who stood out to me were the homeless and the beggars.  I wondered what the crowd would do.  I didn't have much money (and I don't have much money) but I found whatever coins I had in my pocket and stepped forward towards one man who was asking for change and gave him mine.  I wish I could have done more.  As the night wore on, there were more and more beggars coming by and I was glad to see that those who could, did give their spare change to others.

I have a shot of some work by @monsu_plins and you should check out the rest of the work on instagram!

I didn't take any photos today but @streetartatlas took some great shots and so, I am including them here.  She writes a blog about the street art world and you might like to check her out as well. 

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